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Wanderingstars Home
Hi! I started this website in 1999 as a way to share my diaries and photos as I traveled around the world. This was before the term "blog"! It was quite a nice little site with lots of exotic stories and photos of my adventures. But eventually I settled down and let the site fall into disrepair. This is a great regret of mine, though I am grateful that bits of the site still remain at The Wayback Machine.
Myspace came and was followed by Facebook, which I participated in for many years. It was great to reconnect with everybody, and to see so many inspirational messages, but I often saw upsetting things and/or wasted time scrolling. I begrudged being part of a giant AI experiment. I resented the adds. I resented being CENSORED! Facebook took care of all our Social Networking needs so neatly and conveniently - and then they ran the show for us. Out the window was the freedom, chaos and dynamism which had raised the Internet! But, mostly I got sick of seeing everyone's political shit. I pride myself as someone who has friends of widely differing opinion. But I no longer think that the way to bridge our divides is from behind electronic devices. Once I tried unfollowing everyone, but then I was left only with the Ads.
So I downloaded my stuff and also my tagged photos from Facebook and slapped it up onto the remains of this old site, for anyone who cares to look at it - my Mom will at least! It's frozen in time at Oct 4, 2018. Then I quit Facebook.
Now I can put whatever I want up here, and nobody can even comment on it! Actually, I'm sorry if links don't work - I'll try to fix it up slowly. I guess it's just an old "Home Page". It is how I stay online, 24/7, free!
Y'all keep in touch! erikandelman@gmail.com | 423-215-2486