Force of Nature: Therapy for Athletes

This is my home studio, where most of my sessions take place. Don’t fancy yourself an athlete? Well you have to start at least thinking like one if you want to get better. Location is off Kingston Pike, near Campus and Bearden.
30 minutes* = $50, 60 minutes = $80, 90 minutes = $110
*New clients should plan to schedule 60 or 90 minutes.

On-Site Sessions

This is a great option for groups, athletic teams, or individuals with special time or travel constraints. Typically I need only some clear floor-space in a quiet place to work. I travel with several mats, which is sufficient for most individuals. Ideal is to arrange for me to visit you at your gym or workout-place. Athletic teams should have strength training equipment on hand, as modifications or additions to your program may be critical.
Up to 90 minutes = $130, every additional hour = $80

Gym Training at Bullman’s

I provide specialized strength and mobility training at Bullman’s Kickboxing & Krav Maga, in Bearden. This is most useful for clients wanting to work with the barbell, heavy kettlebells, sled and other heavy implements.
60 minutes = $60