Fixing your body is kind of like fixing your car: you know your car is making a bad noise, and you know around where it’s coming from, just like you know your body is hurting and where it hurts. An easy fix is to turn up your stereo, so that you can’t hear the noise anymore – just like you can take pain medicine. Don’t want to do that? OK, you can roll up your sleeves and start replacing parts – but if you don’t know what’s broken, this trial-and-error approach can get pretty expensive and time-consuming! The thing is, you only know where it hurts, not why. And the human body is way more complex than a car! The first thing I do is to help you understand the underlying causes of your pain and injuries. Once we understand the causes, we can go about correcting them.

The System: “Hybrid Meridian Therapies”

The thing about the body that I first help you understand is that things are connected in ways they didn’t teach you in science class. Things are connected in long lines — “Meridians” — which can tug on each other, even from far away. This means that the source of your pain is probably not where it hurts. By changing the way these lines work in your body, we can remove the source of your pain and injuries.

How Can We Change The Meridians and Heal Ourselves?

I use many different methods, depending on the problems you have, but most typically I use the following:

  • Fascia Release Bodywork:
    This technique allows me to manually and immediately change the tensions in your Meridians. It vaguely resembles Massage, but involves long holds — like pushes — instead of strokes. Often I will have you move slightly while I apply these holds, a technique sometimes known as “Active Release”. Sometimes I will stretch you in ways similar to Thai Massage, which I studied in Thailand many years ago. This work is done on mats instead of a table, and you are fully clothed, as oil is not necessary.

  • Physical Training: The source of all rigidity in the body is weakness. When the nervous system senses a weakness, it compensates by contracting corresponding tissues – muscles and gristle (fascia). This has to do with both the Meridians and the mechanics of human movement. The end result is the inflexibility, which you are acutely aware of. This is why stretching rarely delivers lasting results – the tissues are actively directed by the nervous system, therefore they simply snap back after the stretching, sometimes even tighter than before! I help you understand which muscles are weakest and I teach you exactly how to strengthen them. This is the long-term solution to muscle and joint pain.
  • Yoga Therapy: Yoga is an ancient set of techniques for the purpose of gaining control over the thought processes of the rambunctious human mind. “Yoga is restraining the mind from taking various forms.” That is the definition of Yoga, from the original scripture, the Yoga Sutra, which defined the term and detailed the techniques. In modern times, Yoga has been co-opted into the fitness industry, and is constantly being redefined, resulting in a patchwork of methods which can be contradictory and confusing. I help you understand which parts of Yoga can help you be more healthy, manage stress, and cultivate a positive mindset.
  • Supplement and Lifestyle Counseling: Fads come and go, and by now you probably know that there is no magic bullet. And yet, desperation can lead even the wisest to try the newest supplement, diet, exercise craze, or self-help scheme. If any of these fads worked wonders, they would stick around – but they don’t. And yet, you don’t have to go it totally alone: there are some things which can help and which don’t come in a pill. I can help give you perspective on the vast and (thankfully) unregulated supplement market, and perhaps more importantly, help you identify simple changes to your lifestyle which could make a big difference in your health.

The Way Forward…

Contact me to schedule your first session or find out more. The sooner you start, the quicker you will recover. But, better late than never!